A prestigious historic 18th century villa sold in less than 8 months

A marvellous 18th-century historical-architectural complex located in the Marche hills, in Potenza Picena, precisely in the province of Macerata, a city considered as the ‘green heart’ of the region.

The estate covers 5 hectares and it includes a manor house, gardens, barns and a small baroque church in honor of San Filippo.

The Group’s Real Estate team managed to liquidate the asset, already the subject of complex negotiations, in less than 8 months at a price of €2,236,561

Optimising asset value in real estate media

One of the strengths of the villa lies in its beautiful interior decorations, as well as the large and charming Italian-style garden divided into five terraces joined by a central staircase, with a lemon house, obelisks and water features.

The Marketing team has promoted a successful press (PR) campaign which consisted in involving digital media on real estate adv: newspapers, magazines entirely dedicated to the real estate investment sector.

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