Our know-how for banks and leasing companies

The expertise gained in the management of real estate, instrumental and registered assets and even in the nautical sector allows us to offer tailor-made solutions also to the financial world for repossessed assets.

Maximization of asset value, in the right times

2,5 Mth.

Average sales time in months


Record increase from the base price value 


Record bids received for the same good.


Nationality from which the users registered on our platforms come


offers received


convegni organizzati all’anno conferences organized per year


professionals met every year


of the affiliated Italian courts


Customised technological solutions

By drawing on its technical expertise, the Group can automate processes with the aim of simplifying, optimising and improving management performance. The Gobid Group is also a point of reference for cutting-edge IT services supporting the legal, financial and business worlds. Continuous investment in resources and technology favours the development of innovative customised solutions.

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From software and management development to platform development for online auction, ecommerce, website and mobile app management. Digitization and automation of business processes, including through artificial intelligence, are the focus of Gobid Group’s business area.


Software development and management systems

More than platforms development of online auctions

Website and web app development.

Digitization of assets for online representation, including 3D technology.

Automation and digitization of processes through Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Dedicated services for repossesed assets

We are reliable partners for leasing companies and banks able to offer dedicated and highly specialized services for the management of repossessed assets through competitive and transparent processes. Our experience enables us to propose effective solutions for the online sale of both real estate assets and capital equipment and vehicles, with specific expertise in the nautical sector as well.

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From software and management development to platform development for online auction, ecommerce, website and mobile app management. Digitization and automation of business processes, including through artificial intelligence, are the focus of Gobid Group’s business area.

Specific services for real estate assets

Inspection with the goal of finding detailed information and content useful for marketing the property. We take care of the photographic/video content, 360-degree virtual tours, and assessment of the state of preservation of the property.

Real estate valuation of commercial, technical, and urban planning nature.

Our experts in the Real Estate team have solid skills in asset analysis and valuation.

Publication of the asset on the Gobidreal.it marketplace, accompanied by the most appropriate materials to represent its status.

Corporate division Credit & Real Estate composed of competent professionals and fully dedicated to active search of potential buyers.

Study and Analysis of the asset aimed at planning the best-performing and most appropriate multichannel marketing activities to ensure maximum exposure of the asset and foster its value growth.

Facility management activities aimed at facilitating the sale of the asset, such as any works related to the asset maintenance.

Timely and detailed reporting on bids, contacts received and promotional activities activated.

Specific services for capital goods and vehicles

Valuation of capital assets using objective and market criteria. For example for the automotive sector: year of purchase, the miles driven and other parameters.

Inspection and management by an experienced team of documentation needed to represent the asset.

Auction publication of the asset on the online portal dedicated to capital goods and tagged Gobid.it

From pre- to post-auction, a team of professionals specializing in Industrial Asset & Equipment will be dedicated to the complete management of the online sale of leased assets.

Assets constantly promoted in all media, through digital remarketing activities designed specifically for auction assets.

A team dedicated to reporting activities, able to provide timely information on bids, contacts received and promotions activated.

Facilitation service , such as mediation between companies entered into the procedure, with the aim of getting information on the status of the asset, reporting the situation to the leasing company in advance, and expediting the sale process.

Services dedicated to nautical sector

Gobid Group is also active in boating through two partner companies: the CnM&Co, the Porto San Giorgio (FM) boatyard, and the RYB yacht brokerage company operating throughout Italy. The shipyard also has a highly qualified technical, commercial and administrative area capable of identifying, evaluating, maintaining and refitting any type of boat.

Assessment of the state of preservation of the asset (nautical appraisal services). Deep analysis to find information and useful content for the asset promotion.

Scheduled in-person viewings to see and test the asset.

Logistics services such as moving and relocation by land and sea

Maintenance services and warehousing at the 13-thousand-square-meter owned yard with hauling tank, travel lift, and specialized equipment.

International brokerage activities and yachts sales through the company RYB.

Complete management of the sales process, including competitive auctions of any type of boat.

Case History

Toyota Hilux 4×4
Overhead crane


The marketplace for the online auction sale of movable property.

The marketplace for the online auction sale of properties.

The marketplace for the sale of works of art, collectables and rare goods.

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