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Municipalities, Regions and Public Administrations can rely on the efficiency of our method in defining the best online sales strategies and in the digitalization of complex management processes.

We can help you generate economic resources from the liquidation of disused assets.


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a record number of participants competing for the same asset in an auction.


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record increase in the base value.


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Online auction house

Gobid Group is a leader in the sale of movable and immovable property. Thanks to our sound experience in online auctions, our team of experts is able to work efficiently on the entire sales process from the preliminary stages in a secure and transparent way. By choosing our network for asset sales, you will be able to reach millions of users worldwide.


Planning, publishing, and management of auctions on proprietary marketplaces: Gobid for movable assets and Gobidreal for real estate assets.

Inventory, appraisal, and digitization of assets with the possibility to create 3D virtual tours.

Documentary assistance. A dedicated service for drafting the documentation for the sale.

Lot formulation. Dividing the asset into lots designed to make the sale more effective and maximize the value of each item.

Structured multichannel marketing activities and commercial pushing with the goal of reaching the target audience, increasing the visibility of assets, and maximizing sales potential to ensure the best possible result for both parties.

Revitalization of the auction through the organization of physical and digital events aimed at encouraging the participation of interested users in the auction.

Setting up a data room. A virtual space for accessing documentation related to the asset, accessible securely with encrypted passwords and only upon the submission of a signed confidentiality agreement.

Management of the deposits required for participation in the auction.

Facility management activities such as securing, cleaning, clearing the property, and any necessary maintenance work.

Management and organization of viewings of the items for sale, by appointment.

Customer care at every stage of the sales process.

Post-sale activities management, such as awarding minutes, bidder intermediation and procedure, verification of encumbrance costs, ownership transfers, and administrative holds.

Management and coordination of the collection of the awarded assets through the professionals of the Gobid Group team.

Billing assistance, back office, reporting, and legal support.

Customised technological solutions

By drawing on its technical expertise, the Group can automate processes with the aim of simplifying, optimising and improving management performance. The Gobid Group is also a point of reference for cutting-edge IT services supporting the legal, financial and business worlds. Continuous investment in resources and technology favours the development of innovative customised solutions.

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From software and management development to platform development for online auction, ecommerce, website and mobile app management. Digitization and automation of business processes, including through artificial intelligence, are the focus of Gobid Group’s business area.


Software development and management systems

More than platforms development of online auctions

Website and web app development.

Digitization of assets for online representation, including 3D technology.

Automation and digitization of processes through Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Specials for the nautical sector

As leader in online auctions for the nautical sector, we have made important sales of luxury yachts. We also offer multiple complementary services, thanks to our network, which includes CNM&CO, a shipyard located in Porto San Giorgio in the province of Fermo, and the international brokerage company RYB.


Complete management of the online sales process for boats, starting from the listing on the online auction portal, and extending to all post-sale services.

Active research for buyers through traditional PR activities combined with digital marketing efforts. Each yacht has its own target audience, and our team is skilled at reaching the right one.

Our technological expertise enables us to offer a secure and effective sales platform. From software customization to web app development and 3D solutions, even the use of artificial intelligence to optimize processes and results.

Complementary Services for Procedures and Leasing: vessels recover with refurbishment and make it accessible. In particular, refitting, hull work, berthing and storage, launching and hauling. In addition, nautical procedures and safety certificate renewals.

Thanks to established experience in the industry and continuous scouting activities, we deal with specific nautical supplies for all types of vessels.

Our partnership with RYB, a company composed of ISYBA-affiliated experts, allows us to have a strong network of international brokers who can identify all the market opportunities.

Our strong partnership with the main Italian shipowners enable us to offer Chartering services

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The marketplace for the online auction sale of movable property.

The marketplace for the online auction sale of properties.

The marketplace for the sale of works of art, collectables and rare goods.

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