The Gobid Group network an open, collaborative and visionary ecosystem

Discover the marketplaces and collateral projects born from the Group’s innovative know-how and consolidated experience in the online auction sector.

Worlds that are profoundly different in business but closely interconnected by the constant attention to innovation and the maximum valorisation of assets.

The marketplace specialized in the online auction of movable goods.

The specialized marketplace for the online auction sale of properties. 

The marketplace for the sale of works of art, collectables and rare goods.



Shipyard based in Porto San Giorgio (FM). The company stands out for its long and proven experience in shipbuilding services. In particular refitting, working on the hull, parking and storage, launching and hauling. In addition, nautical practices and renewal of safety certificates. Thanks to this partnership, the group is also able to competently manage assets in the nautical sector with complementary services and those linked to online auctions.


International brokerage company that deals with the buying and selling of prestigious boats. Composed of professionals affiliated to ISYBA, the professional association of Ship Brokers. Composed of professionals affiliated to ISYBA, the professional association of Ship Brokers. Each boat has its audience, our team, thanks to the synergistic work with the Gobid Group, is able to intercept the right one.


Our group specializing in online auctions conquers a new market. The success achieved on the national territory has prepared the ground for extending the business of the sale of movable and real estate assets through the competitive mechanism of the online auction also abroad. From an offshoot of the group’s Italian structure, was born, a marketplace and organizational structure dedicated to the Spanish market.

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