A leading player in asset sales worldwide.

We are an online auction house with a strong focus on the tech world.
We work passionately to shape increasingly cutting-edge digital projects.

Our organisation

A highly qualified team of professionals manages and coordinates all aspects of the sale process for both movable and immovable assets.

A strong propensity for innovation and growth are the hallmarks of our most development-oriented areas: our Tech and Marketing teams.

By liaising closely with our external contacts, distributed throughout Italy, we work to achieve a single mission: to obtain the maximum value for an asset.

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Digital Innovation

The legal world, among others, relies on us to simplify complex management processes. We develop software and bespoke tech solutions capable of automating the management of all activities.

Furthermore, we transform high-potential companies into successful entities through the digitalisation of processes and the development of innovative technologies.                                                                                                

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Tailor made tech-solutions

Flexibility is hallmark not only of our IT solutions, but also of our approach to finding the best solution to increase the value of assets

We offer a highly flexible tailor made approach, designed according to the needs of legal and financial professionals, public administrations and private companies.

Our auction marketplaces and more

Our marketplace specialises in the sale of movable assets from insolvency proceedings, leasing companies, companies and private liquidations. Gobid offers a wide range of lots split into numerous categories: means of transport, industrial equipment, company branches, furnishings and even trademarks and patents. Construction, agriculture, mechanics, logistics: these are just some of the sectors in which it is possible to sell and buy industrial assets, thus favouring the transformation of disused assets into economic resources.

Online auction house

New assets every day, at the best possible value.

The platform is managed by expert professionals specialised in online auctions, industrial remarketing and process simplification. Our team brings the right added value, to achieve the best possible sales result.  

Complete management of the sales process

Entrust your sale to us, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

We take care of every aspect of the sale: from planning and publishing the auction in our marketplace, to promoting it through multi-channel marketing activities with a worldwide reach. 

€13 million

Value + highest price auctioned.


Published lots.


Records of users competing for the same good

1,2 million

Number of users reached.

6,8 million

Number of pages viewed.


Integrated marketing campaigns

The marketplace specialized in real estate sales. A digital meeting place dedicated to online real estate auctions, which enables a valuable connection between stakeholders in the real estate sector. We have extensive experience in selling various types of properties: from apartments to large industrial complexes and resorts, from commercial premises such as shops and various types of offices, to agricultural land and building areas.

A leading player in real estate auctions.

Our Real Estate team will find the right solution for you!

We are the ideal partner not only for professionals in insolvency proceedings, real estate executions, and leasing companies but also for all individuals, businesses, and private parties interested in liquidating a property.

Maximization of the value

The value of assets at the core.

Our qualified and highly competent Real Estate team works hard to guarantee the best possible sales result for buyers and sellers. The work of our professionals enhances the auction mechanism to guarantee a growth in the value of assets. 

1,3 billion €

Value of managed assets.

28 million €

Record bid at auction.


Annual growth trend.


Auctions published.

2,2 million

Number of page views

+ 12 media channels

that can be activated for a multi-channel communication

The marketplace dedicated to the sale of works of art, antiques, collectibles and rare goods. Our team of experts is able to manage the entire online sale process of the works, coordinating every single phase, starting from the evaluation of the asset. All in maximum safety. In fact, we also take care of the safeguarding and custody of the works in special vaults. Entering the art market is not only fascinating, but also easy and safe with Rarorum.

Why choose Rarorum?

High competence in the art market for the enhancement of the property at 360° degrees.

Choosing our reality for the sale of your works and collectibles means relying on professionals with solid experience in the art world: integrated management of online auctions, targeted multi-channel marketing activities to increase the value of assets, innovative tech solutions and customized. But not only. In fact, all art galleries will be able to easily reach users all over the world through a virtual exhibition space available within our platform.

Unique occasions

The ideal platform where to find the best opportunities for the sale and purchase of exclusive pieces.

Works of art of great charm and rich in history. Rarorum is the key point of reference in the market for high-value rare objects. In fact, the group managed the sale of some of the most exclusive pieces such as the paintings “Engravings for La Cèlestine” and “The Bullfighting” by Pablo Picasso.

Gobid Group certifications

ISO 9001:2015

International certification obtained for the quality management system relating to our online sales and auctions.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 UNI-CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

A guarantee of the highest level of security of the information and data processed


On 15 November 2022, we were assigned the ★++ legality rating by the Italian antitrust authority.


Registration allowing publication of an announcement of a property for sale, as legal advertising, within our proprietary platforms.


Entered under no. 8 in the Register of Certified Sales Platforms, meaning we can be entrusted with managing the online sale of assets according to the procedures established by Italian Ministerial Decree 32/2015.

Evolution of the Group

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