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We are constantly looking for motivated talents to grow with us in terms of technical and managerial skills within a young, dynamic, and engaging environment.

Working together, better results

Working at Gobid Group means being part of a vibrant organization that is focused on innovation and project-oriented, with an eye towards the future. It’s a dynamic environment where cooperating together  is essential. Our international and cross-functional teams are made up of people with diverse backgrounds who, by connecting their talents in the spirit of constant improvement, contribute to the professional growth of every collaborator.

Our goal: growing together

We pay great attention to each one’s skills, valuing their initial competencies, which are the result of their previous studies and professional experiences. Our goal is to increase skills and know-how, role-specific technical competencies, and managerial abilities, actively contributing to guiding individuals on a path of personal and professional growth.

Job position

Junior Accounting Clerk

Looking for an innovative and energetic work environment? Gobid is the right place for you! We are constantly looking for talents to enhance. We are looking for a junior profile to join the Finance & Accounting area at our Matelica office.

Planning Manager

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving work environment, we are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and innovation. We are currently looking for an experienced and motivated Planning Manager to join our team.

Web Marketing Specialist

If you love the world of the web, ADV are your daily bread, don't miss this opportunity! Our team is looking for a Web Marketing Specialist to join the Marketing area.

Marketing Content Creator

Is storytelling your calling? This could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. The figure we are looking for is a Marketing Content Creator who will be placed within the Marketing area.

Social Media Manager

Is social media your passion? Seize this opportunity! We are looking for a Social Media Manager to join the Marketing area.

UI/UX Designer

For our Tech & Innovation area we are looking for a UX/UI Designer who will be responsible for defining, designing and improving the user experience.

Front-End Web Developer

If your goal is to work in web development and you have the right skills, don't miss this opportunity! Our team is looking for a Front-end Web Developer to join the Tech & Innovation area.

Full Stack Web Developer

Would you like to work on increasingly cutting-edge digital projects? The figure we are looking for is a Full Stack Web Developer to be included in the Tech & Innovation area.

Join our team.

We are committed to maximizing each person’s potential and career path, enabling our collaborators to acquire meaningful and valuable experiences.

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