High Value Marketplace specialising
in the sale of movable assets.

Leading platform in the online auction industry

Thanks to our pioneering experience in the world of online auctions and industry remarketing, Gobit.it has become one of the best key-player in the sector. A marketplace dedicated to the sale of industrial assets, equipment and more from insolvency proceedings, liquidations of companies and individuals or leasing companies.

A team of experts
working together
for a common goal

The Industrial Asset & Equipment team is made up of professionals specialised in the sale of mobile assets who work closely with area managers located throughout Italy. Highly qualified expertise, together for a common goal: ensuring the highest value of assets and the best outcome for buyers and sellers

Sales is a skill

From the organisation of the auction to customer service, by choosing Gobid.it for your sale the entire process will be entirely coordinated by the Gobid Group’s expert teams. Not only in the initial stages of planning, publishing and formulating the lots, but also in all post-sale activities such as drafting the award minutes, back office, reporting and legal assistance. Our team assures full assistance at all stages of the sale for both the professional and the user interested in purchasing.

Different categories of goods sold daily.

Our team is highly specialised in the sale of different types of movable assets: from a wide variety of transports, such as cars, aircraft, earthmoving equipment, to large industrial machinery, office furniture and even telephony. Our strength lies in our ability to systematically and result-oriented manage each new sale.

Why choose Gobid: the group’ strength behind the platform

Active research of new potentials buyers

Through targeted multichannel marketing plans, the group ensures strong connections between supply and demand, increasing the visibility of goods and the potential for sales, reaching millions of interested users on a daily basis.

Total transparency and trust

Anyone who decides to publish a sale on gobid.it can count on the highest level of reliability and transparency towards new potential buyers, who will be able to acquire the goods in total security. All personal data is strictly confidential and protected.

Platform user friendly

Gobid.it is an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Our constant focus on digital innovation has allowed us to design a platform that simplifies the user’s browsing experience and offers a proven and immediate auction participation system.

Gobid in numbers

€13 million

Value + highest price auctioned.


Published lots.


Records of users competing for the same good

1,5 Millions

Number of users reached.

6,8 million

Number of pages viewed.


Integrated marketing campaigns

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