19 June 2023

The restyling of the Gobid.it and Gobidreal.it platforms

The launch of the new brand identity could not fail to also involve the restyling of Gobid Group’s proprietary platforms: Gobid.it, the portal dedicated to online auctions of movable assets and Gobidreal.it, the platform dedicated to real estate auctions. An important renewal from a graphic, branding and also renaming point of view for Gobidreal.it, but which preserves the entire functionality, immediacy and ease of use of the Group’s websites intact.

The evolution of Gobid.it told by a new brand.

A new brand has been designed for Gobid.it. An image that fully expresses the evolution of the portal dedicated to online auctions of movable goods. An important change of a graphic nature which preserves 100% of the functionality and intuitiveness of the platform. For the occasion, a digital strategy was created that involves social channels and tells the full story of the essence of the renewal.

Gobidreal.it: a new name and a new look!

On the occasion of the new brand identity, the platform specialized in the sale of real estate is renewed not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also with a new name, Gobidreal.it. The restyling is naturally also accompanied by a new brand and, in this case, also by a new color that better characterizes the new visual identity of the portal: petrol blue. As with Gobid.it, the portal dedicated to real estate auctions, with its new graphic design, maintains all its intuitiveness and immediacy unchanged to guarantee the user an increasingly high-performance browsing experience. Also in this case, a social campaign has been created to better express the values ​​of this important change.


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