Liquidation of all machinery and equipment from the Municipality of Rovereto was cpmpleted within two months

A tailor-made selling strategy allowed the Municipality of Rovereto to liquidate all the machinery and equipment for landscaping (and more!) within its warehouse in just two months.

In response to the need to free up its storage space and rationalize the use of vehicles, the public entity chose Gobid Group to transform unused assets into a genuine economic resource.

A winning choice that allowed Palazzo Pretorio to quadruple the value of the assets.

All the numbers of success

The numbers speak for themselves: this sale has been a success in many regards. Let’s break them down one by one:
  • 31 – the total number of lots in the auction
  • 30 – the total number of lots awarded in the first auction
  • € 44,910 – the base value of the awarded lots
  • € 178,275 – the overall awarded value
  • 2 months – the liquidation time

Diam molestie cursus malesuada viverra non ut ornare.


Value of managed assets.


Maximum value sold at auction.


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