A value increase of +282.5% marks the success of the auction dedicated to the Ardo and Ardo Made For You brands, sold in one month.

Among the most established in the appliance manufacturing sector, the “Ardo” and “Ardo Made For You” brands, with nearly 20 years of history, were sold at an online auction on the first attempt, within the Gobid.it platform.

An international company won them in July 2023, with an increase in value, compared to the base price, of +282.5%. A significant result that marks the success of the sale managed by the Gobid Group Team.

An innovative digital campaign at the heart of the marketing strategy

Given the relevance and uniqueness of the asset, the Gobid Group Marketing Team activated a strategy aimed at maximizing the valuation and visibility of the brands at auction. A central role, in this sense, was played by the multi-channel and targeted digital campaign, with the aim of best involving the target audience.

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