From a starting bid of €120,000 to an award of €1,040,000: a footwear sector business unit

The sale of a business unit in the footwear sector has become a case history of success for Gobid Group. In the first attempt, the asset was sold at auction at a price that achieved an 800% increase over the base price.

Specifically, the business unit included not only the license for the sale of footwear products but also the management of the commercial premises under a lease agreement.

An important result that testifies to the great competence of the Real Estate and Marketing professionals of the Group. The teams, working in synergy, identified the right sales strategy aimed at maximizing the value of the asset.

An Asset in the Heart of Milan

The sale of the lease contract for the property located in a strategic position in the heart of Milan was entrusted to the competence and experience of our team. The commercial premises are in one of the most important streets of the city, connecting Castello Sforzesco to Piazza Duomo, an area rich in shops, bars, and restaurants, thus representing a significant commercial investment.

By fully leveraging all the potential of this asset and involving our established network to the fullest, several bidders participated in the auction. This was, therefore, a very important result for our Group.

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