How the sale of a prestigious yacht can turn into a successful case

This is another successful case for Gobid Group in the sales of naval assets. The Mega Yacht of the Aicon Yachts shipyard model 85 Fly was awarded, in fact, with a price that was more than 60% higher than the initial value.

This excellent outcome has been achieved thanks to an accurate tailor-made sales strategy. Fundamental in this case was the careful study of the asset in question and its strengths to be enhanced through a targeted communication plan.

Luxury. Comfort. Performance - That’s what Mega Yacht stands for.

An exclusive flagship with a modern, eye-catching design, an unmistakable physiognomy, made from premium materials. The Aicon 85 Fly combines elegance, functionality, harmony and power at the highest level.

With a length of 26,16 m. and a width of 6,42 m., the Mega Yacht is characterised by its comfortable, light-flooded interiors and a perfect balance between exterior and interior spaces.

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