Three offices in Milan auctioned at the first attempt.
Record value increase for the parking garage.

A real estate unit consisting of three offices and located within a residential condominium was sold at auction on the first attempt.

The entire property comprises a total of six rooms for a commercial area of 195.4 square meters and is located in the central Isola district of Milan.

The condominium building is characterized by a large green internal courtyard from which the three offices of the real estate unit can be accessed, each with its own entrance door.

Once again, our team was chosen to manage the sale of an asset with excellent investment opportunities located in one of the most exclusive and trendy areas of the Lombard capital, the Isola district, which is suspended between the “old Milan” and the new futuristic face of the city. The area is distinguished by the presence of numerous commercial activities such as bars, restaurants, shops, and fashionable boutiques.

Sold with a 140% increase in value: the parking garage in the same residential complex

A targeted strategy to maximize the value of the asset with tailored digital promotion and a press campaign in the major national newspapers also allowed the sale of the second lot on the first attempt: the parking garage located in the same residential complex in the Isola district.

From a starting auction price of 55,000 euros, the garage was awarded at a price of 130,500 euros, achieving a 140% increase compared to the base price. The 360° multichannel promotion highlighted all the asset’s potential, also generating significant interest from the target audience given the high number of bidders at the auction.

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