3 May 2023

Enforcement after the Cartabia reform: the Seminar in Bari

Two days entirely dedicated to the reform of the executive process “Forced execution after the Cartabia reform Legislative Decree 10 October 2022, n. 149 Implementation of law 26 November 2021, n. 206”. The study seminar organized by the ODCEC Bari Securities and Real Estate Execution Commission took place on 5 and 6 May, a training event of national appeal, which saw Gobid Group among the official sponsors. Location, the ODCEC headquarters in Bari.

To open the proceedings, Dr. Saverio Piccarreta, President of ODCEC BARI, the lawyer. Salvatore D’Aluiso, President of the Bari Bar Association, Dr. Mariangela Quatraro, ODCEC Bari Councilor Delegate Judicial Area – Auxiliary Activities of the Judge and Dr. Enrica Gironda Veraldi, Presidente Enrica Gironda Veraldi, President of the ODCEC Bari Securities and Real Estate Enforcement Commission.

A precious opportunity for meeting, training and debate for all professionals from all over Italy.

The news on the subject of reform

The first day of work was opened by Dr. Antonio Ruffino, President of the II Section of the Court of Bari, who spoke on the topic of the requirements for inclusion and permanence in the lists of professionals delegated to sales pursuant to art. 179 ter disp. att. cpc. Below, a focus on the “News introduced by the reform”, in particular on the central role of the delegated professional, on the latest updates regarding the approval of the distribution project by the professional and on direct sales with the collaboration of the debtor (arts. 568 bis et seq. C.p.c.). Discussing this specific topic are Dr. Salvatore Saija, Counselor of the Court of Cassation, Dr. Giovanni Fanticini of the Office of the Supreme Court at the Court of Cassation and the lawyer. Barbara Schepis, Delegated professional and judicial custodian.

On the second day of the seminar, however, there will be space for news regarding the custody and release of properties, by Dr. Chiara Cutolo, Execution Judge of the Court of Bari. The Counselor of the Court of Cassation, Dr. Salvatore Saija, addressed the topic dedicated to “The land creditor, relationship between individual enforcement, Business Crisis Code and Liquidation in the procedures for settling the over-indebtedness crisis”. The anti-money laundering obligations and obligations in forced sales were the intervention of Dr. Armando Urbano, Chartered Accountant ODCEC Bari. The second session of the seminar concluded with the report by the ODCEC Bari Securities and Real Estate Executions Commission, on the topic of tax profiles in custody and sale.


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