22 December 2023

2023: A year of conferences troughout Italy for Gobid Group

The event organized in Ferrara by A.P.R.I. – Associazione Professionisti Risanamento Imprese – concludes a very intense year for Gobid Group, regarding the support activity for national conferences dedicated to professionals.

On the 27th and 28th of November in Ferrara, at the location of the Teatro Comunale’s ridotto, teachers and professionals from the legal and economic world, coming from all over Italy, tackled the theme “The protection of the interest in business continuity with the adequate organization”. Gobid Group was a partner of the event which involved entrepreneurs, administrators and business managers, banking officials, legal and economic professionals, and university students.

But let’s retrace together these 12 months of intense activity linked to conferences throughout the national territory. There were 27 educational events for a total of 54 days of in-depth study where our Group participated as a sponsor and at the same time a specialized partner alongside professionals from the judicial and financial world. From Milan to Syracuse, our team had the honor of meeting about 6,500 distinguished professionals not only from the world of bankruptcy proceedings and real estate executions, addressing the hottest topics of the moment related to the novelties introduced by the Cartabia reform and the Code of Crisis, but also those from the financial world of NPLs.

The northern area confirms itself as the most active in the organization of national conferences, followed by Central Italy and the southern area which in recent years has seen a constant growth in educational opportunities and discussion

A year after the introduction of the reform, scientific dissemination in conferences has become more specific, moving from the main novelties to the in-depth study of the Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency in relation to

INSOLVENCY PROCEEDINGS, the topics covered were:

  • The role of the bodies in the business crisis proceedings.
  • The relationships between the Prosecution, Tribunals and the Bodies of the Procedure.
  • The treatment of creditors.
  • Bankruptcy crimes.
  • The discharge of debts.
  • Bankruptcy liquidations.
  • The role of the Accountant in the business crisis.
  • Protective and precautionary measures.
  • Debt restructuring agreements.
  • The simplified preventive agreement liquidation.
  • The unitary proceeding. The judicial liquidation.

BUSINESS CRISIS, with a focus on:

  • How to initiate the Negotiated Settlement of Business Crisis.
  • Contracts for the restructuring of the business in crisis.
  • The role of the Bank in the negotiated settlement.
  • Economic crisis, protection of the Enterprise and labor.

PROPERTY EXECUTIONS, the themes examined:

  • The Judicial Custody.
  • The role of the Professional Delegate.
  • The institute and the discipline of the complaint against the acts of the professional delegate.
  • When penal precautionary measures meet the executive process.
  • Direct sale as an alternative method of liquidation of the foreclosed property: the role of the Execution Judge.
  • The implementation of the new art. 179ter disp. att. cod. proc. civ.: the training of the professional delegate and the rotation of those registered in the list of Managers of telematic sales.

Particular attention this year also to broader topics that have stimulated discussion and confrontation among professionals and beyond. A focus on the Social Balance and the importance of sustainability communication in public entities and on the role of the Entrepreneur in adequate structures enriched the debate in two separate events, also promoted by our Group.

Furthermore, our Business Unit dedicated to the financial world was involved in the reference event for the NPL & UTP world. In the splendid setting of Verona, Gobid Group was once again the official sponsor of the conference which represented a very important opportunity to reflect on the Italian NPE market.

Our presence was possible thanks to the increasingly strong and lasting collaboration established with the most authoritative organizations at the national level: interdisciplinary study entities, national trade associations, consultancy institutes for professionals in charge of judicial sales, up to the professional orders of accountants and lawyers. The real engine of the production of current themes and in continuous evolution that our Group is proud to contribute to divulging.

Unmissable appointments also for the training of our team. The involvement of our areas: Legal, Marketing, Credit & Real Estate of the Business Development, our territorial representatives, ensures a constant reflection on the improvement of the services and solutions offered to our reference interlocutors.


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