24 November 2023

The Crisis Code Between Old and New Problems: The XXX National Conference in Alba

The National Conference of Studies, organized by the “Associazione Albese – Studi di Diritto Commerciale” returns this year to celebrate its 30th edition. It’s a significant milestone for the Piedmontese Association, which annually gathers leading experts in business crisis from the legal and academic world. This year, for the first time, Gobid Group will be the official sponsor of the event. The conference is scheduled for November 24 and 25 at the Auditorium Ferrero in Alba (CN).

The conference will focus on a topic currently at the center of legal and business debate: “Entrepreneurial Crisis and Responsibility: The Code of Crisis Between Old and New Problems.”

Below is the schedule for the two days:


  • 16:30 “30 Years of the Alba Conference.” Speakers include Dr. Luciano Panzani, Attorney Teodoro Bubbio, and Professor Antonio Caiafa.
  • 16:45 “Presentation of the Volume of Writings in Honor of Attorney Professor Gino Cavalli.” Speaker: Attorney Professor Oreste Cagnasso.
  • 17:15: “Insurance Coverage of Professional Expenses for Insolvency Risk.” Speakers: Attorney Professor Lorenzo Stanghellini and Attorney Monica Marcucci.
  • 17:45 Concert by Maestro Michele Campanella.


  • 09.00: Greetings from Dr. Carlo Bo, Mayor of Alba, Attorney Alberto Cirio, President of the Piedmont Region, Prof. Dr. Elbano De Nuccio and Attorney. Francesco Greco;
  • 09:15: Opening of the proceedings by Attorney Prof. Gino Cavalli;
  • 09:30: Introductory report by Dr. Luciano Panzani:
  • 10:00: “Inflation: ‘Real’ Effects of the Rate Hike and New Fiscal Policies”. Key speakers: Dr. Gregorio De Felice and Professor Marcello Messori Dr. Giacomo Rodano will follow, addressing the reference scenario of the topic.
  • 11:00: “Cross Class Cram Down – European and Italian Experiences Compared.” Speakers: Attorney Giorgio Corno, Prof. Dr. Stephan Madaus and Attorney Robert Van Galen:
  • 11:45: “Recovery Paths: Alternatives in the Code and Market Needs.” Coordinatoor Attorney Prof. Niccolo Abriani, Attorney Antonio Matonti, Dr. Laura De Simone, Attorney. Prof. Ilaria Pagni, Dr. Lucia De Bernardin, Attorney. Giovanna Callegari and Attorney. Prof. Oreste Cagnasso;
  • 12:45: “Crisis Code and Publicly-Owned Companies.” By Dr. Davide Di Russo and Professor Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella.
  • 13:30: Morning conclusions by Professor Dr. Elbano De Nuccio and Senator Francesco Paolo Sisto.
  • 15:00: “The Penal Aspect Speakers” Attorney Prof. Renato Bricchetti and Sen. Francesco Paolo Sisto;
  • 16:30: “Efficiency and the market: the timing of justice.” Coordinator: Attorney Professor Stefania Pacchi. Speakers: Dr. Giuseppe Fichera, Dr. Sandro Pettinato, Dr. Paolo Rinaldi, and Dr. Giovanni Colmayer.

Download the event poster here .


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