A significant historical-architectural asset sold at auction for a +€384,000 increase over the minimum bid.

An increase in the winning bid price that reaches +€384,000.00 compared to the minimum offer. This is a great achievement that marks the success of the real estate sale managed by the Group’s Real Estate team.

The sale involved a recently renovated historical villa in Bari. The value of the winning bid once again demonstrates the team’s high expertise in maximizing the value of various types of assets, including large historical-architectural complexes.

A large ornamental park with Finnish pool make the asset exclusive

A prestigious and historically rich villa, which, among its ‘crown jewels,’ boasts an exclusive garden. A spacious green area surrounds the architectural complex, featuring walkways, an ornamental fountain, and two terraces.

The Finnish pool, complete with all the facilities, enhances the villa’s green area, enclosed by a sturdy 2.50-meter-high perimeter wall.

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