20 September 2023

Artificial Intelligence at the center of a workshop

Gobid Group has opened its doors to students of the Polytechnic University of the Marche – Faculty of Computer Engineering and Automation – and of the University of Camerino – Faculty of Computer Science. A workshop entirely dedicated to the integration and use of Artificial Intelligence for web solutions. The professionals of the Gobid Group’s Tech & Innovation team have made their expertise and experience in the sector available for a full immersion dedicated to one of the most current topics of the moment in the digital field: that of A.I. and its applicability in multiple exchanges.

Gobid Group as a cutting-edge tech laboratory

Artificial Intelligence represents a real revolution in the digital field. At the heart of this innovation, as we all know, is the interaction between man and machine, but also the connection between the machines themselves. With this premise the workshop opened, during which the specialists of the Tech & Innovation Team of Gobid Group introduced the topic with an overview of the history of AI, of its evolution, starting from 1950 with the Alan Turing Test up to the present day, with the advent of the Chat Gpt v.1 in 2018.

The professionals of the Tech & Innovation team also addressed the topic of Machine Learning starting from its introduction in 1959 by Arthur Samuel: “ML represents the ability of a computer to learn without being specifically programmed”. The M.L. in fact, it specifically uses programmed algorithms that receive and analyze input data to predict output values ​​within an acceptable time interval. As more data is provided, machines learn and optimize their operations to improve performance, developing intelligent behavior over time.

Subsequently, the workshop focused on understanding which is the most appropriate definition of AI. Among the many existing definitions, the one released by the European Commission’s high-level AI expert group appears to be one of the most complete: “Artificial intelligence refers to systems that exhibit intelligent behavior, analyzing their environment and undertaking actions with a certain degree of autonomy to achieve specific objectives“. Particular attention was then paid to the two large typologies into which artificial intelligence is divided: “strong AI” which uses technology to think and learn autonomously, acquiring self-awareness. “Weak AI”is instead focused on imitating the “way” in which humans remember, perceive and solve simple and specialized problems.

Here is an example of such technologies:

  • Images Recognition, capable of identifying an object, extrapolating data and information through an image or multimedia content;
  • Virtual Assistants (such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Ok Google and HI Bixby);
  • Generative Applications, relating to the generation of content to support users;
  • Product Recommendations, fundamental for thoroughly investigating consumer interests:
  • Smart Home Devices, intelligent devices for any domestic need.

The team then illustrated to the students the multiple contexts of use of AI, such as the sectors of medicine, home automation, but also communication and the development of new content. Surveillance, security, warehouse optimization, purchasing and sales forecasting are just some of the fields in which AI can be used in the business sector.

The training day then came to life with the session dedicated to “field” experimentation. The young students, guided by the team of Gobid Group developers, were able to concretely try their hand at creating AI systems and their integration and use for web solutions.

With this workshop, Gobid Group once again confirms itself as a truly cutting-edge tech laboratory, a hotbed of ideas with an eye constantly turned to new technologies and their possible applications. The automation and digitization of processes, the development of innovative software and web apps are just some of the technological solutions proposed by the team to support the financial, judicial and business worlds.


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